Hey there, lovely to see you here…

A little about Kerri-Ann Sheppard, the lass behind KAS writes…

At the grand age of 8 years old, Kerri-Ann declared she wanted to be a writer.  Over the course of the intervening years, where life took her on wonderful and challenging roller-coaster rides, writing has been a constant and her passion for words and writing has never abated. Writing has been her go to, her therapy, and large part of her work and her joy…essentially words are her thing.

Over the last eleven years, Kerri-Ann has been the heart and soul of  K Events, which specialises in providing innovative and exceptional quality training to psychologists, counsellors, therapists and other mental health professionals.  Kerri-Ann organizes all the details – both big and small – for the workshops; whilst solo-juggling the demands of two Aspie children. Organising events and training, much like writing requires attention to detail, research, list making and schedules and above all passion.

Kerri-Ann is extremely delighted (and truth be told, a little nervous) to now be offering and providing website content writing, proof reading, editing, content creation services to you.  Drawing on more than 20 years of experience in professional writing, Kerri-Ann has the skills and tricks to make your writing shine.

What does KAS Writes write?

Here’s a small list of all (well a lot of) the things:

  • blog posts
  • newsletters
  • brochure copy
  • website copy
  • sales pages
  • proof reading
  • editing

Kerri-Ann is like the written word story teller fairy, you wish you had at your finger tips.  She will take your wonderful ideas and write words that make your content shine brightly to attract your tribe.